Our new photo contest "Bridges" offers the possibilities to landscpe and architecture photographers alike. Although many bridges can be found in urban places like cities, it is their size and the limited set of viewpoints that require more attention in planing and framing and shooting. 

We widened the theme to viaducts and to piers which sometimes appear partly architecturally similar to bridges. So, if you already have shot some stunning photo, now is the time to join our contest run on Hunting The Light pages on Facebook. Join there and post your very best images. Submission will close at Sunday, May 8th, 23:59 CET. 

Our Editors will evaluate your submiitted works, once contest is closed. Three winners, one per subcategory (bridges, viaducts and piers) shall be informed to send in a full size capture so that we produce large print of each winning photo and send thee three prints to their respective authors.

We shall publish the Evaluators' decision here, on PhotoMondial site, as well as on Facebook and Twitter, individually for each winning photo. 

Also, winning photos shall be included in our Festival Days' exhibition and shows. We may decide to use more submissions for such public shows, in order to present the authors to the broader audience.


Visit our contest page and join now!