Photo Mondial opens it's doors to photographers and photography admirers on November 5th 2015! The very first event shall be photo exhibition "Hunting The Light : Light The Art", hosted in Croatia by KGZ (Zagreb Municipal Libraries), Dugave Library. More than twenty authors shall exhibit their works for the next four weeks, until Dec. 3rd. 

"HTL : Light The Art" is a fusion of some previously exposed photographs with new HTL members' works. By transposing the particular images' environment into a new theme, we open the quite new view at Lighthunters' valuable creativity. The idea is not to follow the strict theme, but to place the theme into existing works and prove the fact of photography being the Art by itself.

The way to do it is the contrasting various pairs of elements, like instance against the eternity or ground and water (Earth) against the sky (Heaven) or darkness against the light... and many more as presented by the very creative group of authors! 

We thank you for your kind interest and hope to meet you at the "HTL : Light The Art"!