With first day of Spring, HTL and PhotoMondial have launched "Spring Flowers" photo contest. Theme is always attractive to photo amateurs and even pro photographers like to shoot nature images just to do something challenging but cahrming and usually - not related to business! 

We received a lot of quality works. Normally, there's a technical difference visible between photographs produced using compact amateur and DSLR pro cameras, but it is not the factor we consider seriously in evaluation process. 

It was not an easy task to evaluate hundreds of images submitted and to select clear winners. Our editors finally picked eight images, each from different author and awarded them with PhotoMondial large size print. 

Lst of awarded authors in alphabetical order:


Nebojša Anić 

Anić Nebojša



Ines Cvitić 

Cvitić Ines



 Iskra Dugalić

Dugalić Iskra



Tome Grbeša 

Grbeša Tome 



Željko Krnčević 

Krnčević Željko



Tomislav Rižnar 

Rižnar Tomislav



 Ana Vlahov

Vlahov Ana



Vanja Vukadinović 

Vukadinović Vanja