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photo contests


PhotoMondial organizes phtography contests in cooperation with Hunting The Light (HTL) photo community, to inspire photographers and help them develop new skills needed for specific tasks. We communicate with interested photographers via HTL Facebook page creating there many themed daily or weekly events. 

Each photographer id entitled to one contest entry per day in weekly events or three entries in daily or weekend contests. 

Our editors, sometimes assisted by special guests, evalulate the submitted pohotographs, using objective photographic and art criteria and disregarding the contestants' eventual golry. When facing the obvious difference in tech equipment usage, we still keep to artistic criteria over the technical excellence delivered by superior equipment, issuing however "Technicall Excellence Awards" too.

Awarded authors enter by default into PhotoMondial public events, such as shows and photo exhibitions, getting therefore wider recognition, wich they deserve, in fact! 





Kad se fotografi i kućni ljubimci "udruže na zadatku", sve je moguće! Predstavite nam sada i ovdje vaše fotografske vještine kroz jednu od najzahtjevnijih tema! Možda ćete željeti pokazati širi kontekst životnog trenutka vašeg ili susjedovog ljubimca, širi kadar gdje je ljubimac jedva vidljiv. Ili ćete krenuti u lov na odličan portret kućne mačke, pasa, kakve raspjevane ptice, loviti svojeg omiljenog pauka, guštera ili možda čak i zmiju ako su upravo oni ljubimci koje držite u kući! Vi birate, a mi pažljivo pregledavamo vaše radove!

Urednici HTL i PhotoMondiala su postavili visok kriterij odabira najviše 5 fotografija koje će svojom kvalitetom prijeći prag i ući u pod svjetla reflektora te podijeliti zasluženu slavu! Za nagradu, opet osiguravamo velike printove, koje ćete vjerojatno izložiti u kući, u uredu ili na kakvoj lijepoj izložbi! 

A cijena? I ovaj natječaj ne uključuje plaćanje kotizacije! Jedino vas pozivamo da slobodno:

posjetite stranicu natječaja na Facebooku Foto natječaj "Ljubimci"

prijavite se klikom na "Idem" (ili "Going")

objavite do 5 vaših najboljih tematskih radova 

odmah osigurate da imate spremne radove i u visokoj rezoluciji, ako budete nagrađeni

redovito ovih dana posjećujete stranicu natječaja 

podržite sve sudionike lajkanjem i komentarima njihovog rada

lajkate ako već niste naše stranice (natječaj, HTL i PhotoMondial)

podijelite objave natječaja na svoju stranicu i u grupu koju eventualno vodite, kako bi vaši prijatelji znali, pratili vas i mogli i sami sudjelovati

objavljujete na Twitteru i drugim društvenim mrežama o svojem sudjelovanju u natječaju! 


Natječaj traje od četvrtka 3.  do nedjelje 12. lipnja 2016. i završava u ponoć po srednjeeuropskom vremenu (CET)!


Dobro vam svjetlo! 


Photographers and pets, when they "team up on assignment" anything is possible! Present here and now your photographic virtues through one of most challenging themes! 

You may want to go for plain simple pet photos, wide angles showing barely noticable pet in the scene. Or you may try portrayng cats, dogs, any domestic bird, go chasing the spider, lizzard or even snake if it's your or someone other's house pet! You name it, we'll take a closer look on your photo(s)! PhotoMondial & HTL Editors have set up pretty high standards or filters, to pass the really best images under glory spotlight of awards area! 

Do you pay any charge for it? No charges! Just feel free to:

  • Visit our FB contest page Photo contest Pets - Ljubimci
  • participate in contest (click "Going"!)
  • submit maximum five (5) of your own work - best pets' images into contest
  • plase have ready high resolution files in case you get award - large print!
  • browse the contest site (FB page) daily 
  • support other contestants, comment and like their work
  • like our FB pages (contest, HTL, PhotoMondial)
  • share the contest on your own FB profile and in photo group that you eventually manage 
  • share the info about eventual award on your on profile - let your friends know about your success
  • tweet on Twitter, promote your participation on various social networks!

Submit your images from June 3rd to 12th 2016, closing at midnight hour, CET! 


Zadar, Croatia

People travel from the dawn of civilization. World is and has ever been in motion! Crossing lands can lead to barriers or obstacles, such as rivers, canyons, creeks and deep valleys, even islands, not easy to pass by. Building the structures like bridges, viaducts or piers help overcome natural barriers and shorten the distances.


So, following story is about the structures that let us shorten our travelling paths. TopLighthunters (HTL) and PhotoMondial organized joint thematic photo contest “Bridges” on HTL Facebook pages. More than forty photographers of all skill levels participated, submitting interesting and technically excellent works.

Selecting only a couple of images as contest winners was everything but easy. Our Editors used a complex set of objective criteria: motive; composition; light; overall impression; art; technical excellence and other. Some authors presented us more than one image that may have qualified for prize. However, we respect all authors and keep our rule: one prize per author.

Contest winners list in alphabetical order and their respective winning images:


Large bridges:


Biserka Vrdjuka - Krk island bridgeBiserka Vrdjuka - Krk island bridge, Adriatic Sea, Croatia 




 Božic Valčić - Most Slobode Zagreb, Croatia

Božica Valčić - Most Slobode (Freedom bridge), Zagreb, Croatia




 Ernesto Pini - Pag island bridgeErnesto Pini - Pag island bridge, Adriatic sea, Croatia





Jelena Puškarić - Slavonski BrodJelena Puškarić - Slavonski Brod, Croatia 





Milanka Dimić - Brankov mostMilanka Dimić - Brankov most (Branko's bridge), Belgrade, Serbia



 Mirjana Boćina - Anaabella - DubrovnikMirjana Boćina Anabella - dr. Franjo Tuđman bridge, Dubrovnik, Croatia




 Tome Grbeša - Pedestrian bridge by night, Osijek, CroatiaTome Grbeša - Pedestrian bridge by night, Osijek, Croatia




Other bridges and structures 



Aleksaandar Dekanski - DrinaAleksaandar Dekanski - Višegrad bridge, on Drina river, nearby Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina border




Davorka Trbojević - Troubled sea bridgeDavorka Trbojević - Troubled sea bridge, Croatia





Frane Pavić - Sitting on the dockFrane Pavić - Sitting on the dock, Zadar, Croatia




Sanja Bradić v- Jelenski jarakSanja Bradić - Jelenski jarak - Deer's ditch, Croatia





Vanja Vukadinović - KamačnikVanja Vukadinović - Kamačnik, Croatia







With first day of Spring, HTL and PhotoMondial have launched "Spring Flowers" photo contest. Theme is always attractive to photo amateurs and even pro photographers like to shoot nature images just to do something challenging but cahrming and usually - not related to business! 

We received a lot of quality works. Normally, there's a technical difference visible between photographs produced using compact amateur and DSLR pro cameras, but it is not the factor we consider seriously in evaluation process. 

It was not an easy task to evaluate hundreds of images submitted and to select clear winners. Our editors finally picked eight images, each from different author and awarded them with PhotoMondial large size print. 

Lst of awarded authors in alphabetical order:


Nebojša Anić 

Anić Nebojša



Ines Cvitić 

Cvitić Ines



 Iskra Dugalić

Dugalić Iskra



Tome Grbeša 

Grbeša Tome 



Željko Krnčević 

Krnčević Željko



Tomislav Rižnar 

Rižnar Tomislav



 Ana Vlahov

Vlahov Ana



Vanja Vukadinović 

Vukadinović Vanja



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